Friday, June 02, 2006

First public release Sketch Quake 2.15
This release working fine with ShareWare version of Quake.
Source files will be posted later, because of a lot trash functions in them. First I need to clean source then it will published

List of changes not so big as i planned but it's only beginning or probably the end...

! Sketch Quake Engine Changes 2. 15

New Console Commands:
• cmdlist / cvarlist
• scr_conalpha 0...1
• scr_conheight 0...1
• scr_showfps 0-1
• scr_maxfps 0...100
• scr_showtime 0-1-2
• scr_sbaralpa 0-0.6 (need to fix: transparency pic)
• crosshair 1-2
• crosshaircolor 0...250

Interface Additions:
• Demo Player (need to fix: interface)
• Centered scoreboard in single player
• Centered status bar in multiplayer (removed mini death match overview)
• Changed status bar solo scoreboard in death match (need to fix functions, working only for host)

Misc Changes:
• Q3 style command auto completion
• Bobbing items like Q3 (need to fix: shadows lag)
• No more gl_extension during loading game
• Fixed version line in console
• Max clients changed on 8 (not tested yet)
• Changed console editing like in DOS
• Added Ctrl+V windows paste in console
• Centered main menu + little redesign (need to fix)
• Fixed chase_active
• Small fix in SV_ModelIndex function

! Sketch Quake Mod Changes

• Different player models for different weapons
• Added crouch
• New effect of shoot walls
• Added falling shells during shoot from shotgun (need to fix)
• Changed sounds of player, world and etc on sounds from DM Half-Life Modification and Q3
• Changed Conback and Conchars (need to fix fonts)
• Changed sprite of explosion
• Fixed Icon of green armor

! Know Serious Bugs/Lags
• QuakeC: Change weapon lag with turned on Sketch rendering, screen is flicking
• Better use r_load sketch after game started and player spawned on the map
• Lag with flicking textures can be fix with re-type r_load sketch
• Shadows not working properly
• 540x384 Lowest supported resolution without any problems

Many thanks to Everyone who is still working on Quake 1 engine and specially to this great portal for their very useful forum and tutorials

P.S. Thanks to for hosting files

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The main idea of this project is to make a compilation of an improved NPRQuake (Non-PhotoRealistic Rendering) source and QuakeC modification. Which allows to see the player model with different weapons. Its not an engine with which im trying to make the first Quake look better than Doom 3 or even Quake 4. The engine is using only original Quake models and map formats. No hi-res textures or support for TGA, PNG formats.
I’m not going to change the original Quake gameplay, but I put in a few small features which can make gameplay more comfortable. This project is going to be like a small office killer with multiplayer support. I’m going to make a 2-3 megabytes archive with only multiplayer maps.
You are allowed to turn off Sketch rendering and then it will be just normal GL Quake with some improves.
Few screenshots from up coming release:

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hello everybody! In this blog I'm going to talk about my Quake engine modification, called Sketch Quake. You want me to ask why Sketch? You will understand it soon. In few days I’m going to finish first public version and post some screenshots, binaries.